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Best Social Sharing for WordPress Social Warfare makes sharing your content fast and easy


Best Social Sharing for WordPress Social Warfare makes sharing your content fast and easy.
Over 1,000,000 downloads and counting.
Social Warfare adds beautiful,lightning-fast social share buttons to your website or blog. 
But that's only the beginning...
Gorgeous share buttons,on every size screen The attention to design aesthetic is second to none.
Warfare PluginsWarfare Plugins
We care how your site looks, and we also allow you to customize the colors to your liking.
Easy to use, out of the box Setting up your social sharing buttons has never been easier with our simple,"works-out-of-the-box" setup.
We take load time seriously Most social sharing plugins are detrimental to your website load times.
This is bad for both users and for SEO.
Social Warfare is lightning fast and lightweight so your load times are solid!Never lose your social proof.
Warfare PluginsWarfare PluginsWarfare Plugins 
With our Share Recovery feature, you'll never have to worry about losing your social share counts when changing your domain name or moving to SSL.
Warfare PluginsWarfare PluginsWarfare Plugins
Control what people share, and how they share it Make sure that your visitors share your content in a way that's going to drive traffic back to your site with custom images, titles,and descriptions!

Go ahead and give Social Warfare a try below!

Warfare PluginsWarfare Plugins

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